The Game

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To understand the game of buddhi yoga, one has to play it more than occasionally, it has to be cherished as a way of being.

“Knowledge” strives to resolve the apparent contradictions in the universe and in man, such as that between waves and particles. “The ancients” were acutely aware of the need for the player – the particle – to meet her chakras – individual fields of energy, through various modes of perception and experience.

The player, landing in a cell, would view herself through the prism of that cell and reflect on her being with this perspective. This way she would, through repeated attempts, understand herself, her society and the universe more completely. She would find her place, with everything else in the universe and understand her importance and her dharma (sudharma).

I invite you, to come in. To experience yourself as each cell of the game board. To find yourself as a whole in society and in the universe.

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